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Microsoft CRM Tax Calculation Plugin

Microsoft CRM does not include a tax calculation so a simple calculation for Value Added Tax where tax amount = quantity * unit price * tax rate needs to be implemented by the user.

Our solution is demonstrated in the video below and comprises a tax rate entity where you can add a number of tax rate percentages and specify the default together with a plugin which calculates the tax each time an opportunity, quote, sales order or invoice detail item is saved.

Our solution is suitable for VAT calculations in any European country as it has the ability to override the default tax by product or by customer:

  • Set up any number of tax rates in the tax rate entity.
  • Specify one tax rate as the default national rate (20% VAT in the UK for example).
  • Some products may have a different tax rate or be exempt from tax so you can override each product where required.
  • Customers where you deliver to another European country and you have the VAT registration number recorded are overriden with a zero tax rate.
  • Worldwide non-EEC countries requires a zero VAT rate.

Our VAT plugin is available at low cost and is configurable simply by entering tax rates into a table in Microsoft CRM. The percentage is specified for each tax rate and a default tax is used for each opportunity, quote, sales order and invoice product item. You can override the default value by specifying a tax rate on an individual product or account and the calculation is done seamlessly and works well with the user interface as shown in the video accompanying this page.

You can implement VAT with Javascript on a form but this will not calculate the tax when you import items or when you use the user interface to add items using the grid on the opportunity, quote, sales order and invoice form. Similarly, calculated fields could be used but you cannot implement workflows on the detail records of a sales document and so a plugin is the best option for implementation of the tax field (you have to be a programmer to implement this).

Please contact us for a bespoke solution if you want to implement sales tax in the USA or need to implement MOSS European tax or have other requirements not satisfied by our solution.

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