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Aug 18


What is Billing and how to do it using CRM

The 8 steps involved in automating monthly invoicing, from start to send.

Historically, the term ‘billing’ has meant the process of creating and fulfilling large numbers of monthly sales invoices used by large-scale gas, electricity and telephone companies with tens of thousands of customers and recurring bills based on usage

Aug 18


Collecting Payments with repeat Billing

How to collect payments if you’re building a business that relies on repeat Billing

The aim of any repeat Billing system must be to automate payment transactions as much as possible saving your accounts department a lot of time and hassle.

For this reason Billing systems often incorporate a payment gateway to facilitate

Aug 18


Electronic Invoicing and Dynamics CRM

How and why to do electronic invoicing using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing, e-billing etc) - a method used by suppliers to pass invoices directly to their customers in a format which allows for automatic processing - is an idea that’s being promoted across Europe and other parts of the world.

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