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Microsoft CRM Resellers

redware research limited actively seeks opportunities to work through the channel with Microsoft CRM Resellers of all kinds. Please contact us to support any opportunity you may have or simply to discuss our products further.

Sales Support

We respond quickly to any enquiry with a formal quotation valid for 30 days so you can quickly provide an estimate to your prospects. There are product videos available for each of our products on this website but we are happy to give an online demonstration over the phone to any of your prospects. We can help particularly when talking to the accounting team as we are experienced Sage 50 users and can help overcome any objections here.

Introducer Discount

All referrals qualify for our initial level of reseller discount even if you just provide us with a contact that we need to close (so long as the sale is completed within six months). Usually however, you will want to maintain the billing relationship with the customer where you invoice the customer and we invoice you (less your discount). We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee with all our software in case of any issues or problems.

Reseller Discount

Usually on the third deal we can escalate to a higher reseller discount. We ask you to let us train your technical team to be able to provide first line support and also that you highlight our solutions on your website with a back-link to our site. We can discuss sales targets and marketing commitments at that time.

Software Maintenance Fee

Our products are currently sold as a software licence which is dependent on the number of CRM users and we add 20% of the licence fee as an annual software maintenance fee which includes bug fixing and improvements to the software as well as upgrades to new versons of CRM and Sage 50 and so forth. Your reseller commission is applied also to the software maintenance fee which you need to bill annually.

Email Support

Software maintenance includes email support for help where standard troubleshooting such as checking passwords and internet connectivity has already been carried out. If we cannot solve things rapidly with an email we can help you directly or take over the conversation with the customer if required. We can diagnose most problems remotely if the customer is using Microsoft CRM online. We may occasionally ask for a copy of the Sage database or connectivity to the VPN (for on-premise CRM) if we are having trouble diagnosing the problem.


We offer consultancy around any part of the invoicing or billing process at our usual day rate which you can sell on to your customers. We charge development time if additional functionality is required for our software products and typically include the improvements in future versions of the software free of charge as part of the software maintenance fee.

Dynamics 365 Connector

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