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Power BI Connector for QuickBooks

Our Power BI Connector for QuickBooks Online extracts accounting data from multiple companies for automatic upload to a Power BI dataset. We provide you with a fully featured Power BI Template and give you access to all data from Excel or from Power BI Desktop so you can create your own reports and dashboards as you continue your Power BI journey.

  • Instantly extract all your accounting into a Power BI Template application.
  • Combine data from multiple companies for consolidated financial reporting.
  • We give you everything - access to the data model from Excel and the PBIX to modify in Power BI Desktop.
  • Free snapshot of your data - subscribe for daily updates.

See an overview video below or browse the Power BI report from this page or follow the instruction video at the bottom of the page to create your own reports quickly.

You can of course easily download data from QuickBooks Online into Power BI or use the Power BI Content Pack for QuickBooks Online available from Microsoft. However we have found limitations with this approach either because of the time you need to massage the data into a useful format or, it seems, that is is impossible to get at the detail of the data in the Content Pack or merge with your own data. If this changes - please let us know.

Register and Download the Power BI Connector for QuickBooks

You can view an embedded version of our report below or download a QuickBooks Online PBIX file so you can take a look around the data we provide for you. You need to create a snapshot of your data with our Connector software and then you can access with our Power BI template file or with the PBIX included with our software.

POWER BI Template App Download the PBIX

The data includes

  • Customer and Supplier details
  • Invoice and Purchase Order details including details at line item level.
  • Products
  • Payments
  • Nominal Transactions

View the embedded Power BI Report for four QuickBooks Online Companies below.

Please register here and download a trial version for 30 days access and view the video below to quickstart your Power BI and QuickBooks Online journey with more videos here. The Connector costs £500/$600/€550 a year (or £50/$60/€55 a month).


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