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Dynamics 365 QuickBooks Online Connector

Instantly integrate your Dynamics 365 CRM sales cycle with QuickBooks Online accounting.

Invoices created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are automatically copied over into QuickBooks Online, together with any associated Customers and Products, without any re-typing.

Additional features include data migration, tax and VAT calculation, and tracking of payments against each Invoice. The Customer Balance and Product Quantity on Hand also maintained automatically.

Our billing module allows for automated recurring invoices and invoice automation with creation of PDFs and simple workflow to create Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders and Payments.

Watch the Video

The video below demonstrates the QuickBooks Online Connector software uploading an invoice from Dynamics 365 CRM into QuickBooks Online accounting.

Mode QuickBooks Online Connector videos.

The Benefits

  • Improve efficiency and scale your business.
  • Upload hundreds or thousands of invoices automatically into QuickBooks Online.
  • 100% Accurate - no more data entry errors.
  • Get the best of both worlds - great customer communication and accurate finance monitoring.
  • Great accounting and debt chasing functionality with QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks Online has extensive payment processing options.
  • Add our Billing module for automation with recurring invoices and PDF production as well as credit notes, purchasing and payment gateways.

Who is it for?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Connector for QuickBooks Online is a simple yet powerful solution that can accelerate the efficiency of your accounts team.

It is particularly suited to:

  • Accounting teams becoming overwhelmed after a successful CRM rollout.
  • Organisations with complex billing requirements.
  • Sales teams requiring quick and accurate integration with accounting.
  • Automating VAT calculation or dealing with European or multi-currency VAT requirements.
  • Creating and automating large numbers of invoices.
  • Improving accuracy and efficiency of Invoicing.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Connector for QuickBooks Online has the following functionality:

  • Synchronisation with QuickBooks Online.
  • Copy Invoices and Credit Notes from CRM into the accounting package.
  • Either way synchronisation and data migration of Customers and Products.
  • Calculation of VAT – including EU and Worldwide Tax.
  • Add a link or load the accounting invoice PDF into CRM.
  • Outstanding Invoice amounts are tracked in CRM.
  • Customer Balances and Credit Limits are tracked in CRM.
  • Product stock quantities are tracked in CRM.
  • Create Purchase Orders directly from the Invoice item.
  • Support for nominal and tracking codes .

In addition, the Billing module supports:

  • Multi-company so you can connect to more than one accounting database.
  • Recurring or subscription Invoices.
  • Automated invoices from custom entities.
  • Automation of invoicing, credit notes, purchases and payments with workflow.
  • Creation of Invoices and PDFs entirely within CRM.
  • Creation of Invoices and PDFs entirely within CRM.
  • Integration with Payment Gateways.

Want to know more?

Sign up here or email or contact us with your requirements and we can often integrate your accounting system with Dynamics 365 CRM within 24 hours. For complex requirements please consult your CRM Reseller or get in touch about our consultancy and implementation service.

At Redware we also offer:

  • Reseller options where we work alongside your reseller for implementation and support.
  • Complex billing and direct debit solutions.
  • Credit Control add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to set credit guidelines for UK, EU, and USA businesses.
  • Consultancy to implement your billing and accounting functionality within Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Software Development to integrate with other accounting software (for example Sage 200).

Dynamics 365 Connector

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