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London Central Communications Ltd

Telecoms Billing integrated with Sage Line 50

London Central Communications are a long established telecoms provider installing and maintaining telephone systems for thousands of customers in the London area. LCC specialise in Panasonic telephone and fax machines and VOIP telephony with Mitel equipment and provide a full service including installation and maintenance.

Redware supplied the billing system in 2002 to enable LCC to match and rate call details from their provider and create a single bill for each customer including all calls and services provided during the month. The system now bills hundreds of customers each month with an internal web site for customer service staff to maintain services for customers and customer portal for customers to download invoices and spreadsheets of monthly calls.

Bills are calculated each month from various sources of call details and include equipment rental and maintenance items as well as BT Openreach line rental charges. SYNC Billing software from redware is used to upload product invoices into Sage Line 50 and takes just a few minutes to upload several hundred bills at the end of each monthly billing cycle and email them to customers.

The invoices are processed though Sage by the accounting department and SYNC Accounting software generates electronic pdf documents for each invoice for publishing on the LCC customer portal to allow customers to securely access their invoices and call details.

The telephony marketplace is in transition and LCC have made a significant investment in a VOIP switch and now provide internet connections to connect telephone systems to the internet to reap the benefits of VOIP. The redware billing engine rates calls from the LCC VOIP switch in the usual way and the billing database has been opened up with a programming interface to allow LCC to directly access and provision billing data as they bring new services online. LCC can now easily extend the range of services they offer and provision and bill services such as conference calling and hosted telephony using the programming APIto provision data into the billing system.

redware has provided consultancy and software over the last five years to enable LCC to grow their regular monthly billing to an extent where they can now justify their own IT department. Our software remains the mainstay of their billing platform providing a billing engine to calculate call prices and monthly equipment and line rentals with SYNC Billing to load bills into Sage Line 50 and SYNC Accounting to extract invoices from Sage for the customer service team and for the customer portal.

Matthew Gibbins, Technical Director of LCC, says that ‘we would never have got our billing operation of the ground without software from redware and, five years on, we are able to rapidly introduce and bill an increasingly complex range of services using our existing accounting software and resources. I recommend redware to any organisation that needs help to get bills out the door each month’.

LCC is changing fast as the market moves rapidly into VOIP and is looking to streamline their existing customer service and sales systems with the introduction of Microsoft CRM which will exploit the new range of accounting integration add-ons built by redware for Microsoft CRM 4.0.

Please email or call us on 0845 3010 444 with your billing and Sage integration requirements. As well as telecoms billing and Sage integration services and software, we offer CRM Consultancy and SMS text messaging, telephony, and credit checking facilities.

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