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Microsoft Visual FoxPro Consultancy

redware provides consultancy, troubleshooting, and project management expertise for FoxPro projects of any size and we publish the Visual FoxPro Client-Server handbook and a Guide to the FoxPro CursorAdaptor Classes.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro remains the fastest and most flexible PC database and is suitable for large scale applications (such as billing systems) that require processing of millions of records. FoxPro has blistering speed but lacks some database management system features such as transaction logging and database recovery. Hybrid systems that integrate with a more conventional database management system (such as SQL Server) are our specialty.

FoxPro is a complete programming language and development environment which integrates fully with the latest Microsoft technology platforms. The underlying database system can be installed as a standard ODBC driver on any Windows machine and offers much better performance that the Microsoft Access database especially when accessed by many users. ODBC middleware provides a direct connection to the underlying data from other applications without the need to run any server software providing for a simpler implementation compared with SQL Server or MySQL. 

FoxPro provides a great free database platform for implementing databases on Windows web servers. The Visual  FoxPro ODBC drivers can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website. 

Please contact us for consultancy to solve your FoxPro issues from database performance to system design, or technical training, mentoring, and project management of your programming team.


Codefinder is a simple search utility that allows search for program text held within any foxpro program, visual class, report or screen. This feature is missing in the programming environment up to and including Visual FoxPro 7.0 (it is implemented in version 8.0.

Please download the program if you think you will find it useful.



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