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How will SMS Customer service improve your customer satisfaction and retention ?

If you are looking to improve your customer service satisfaction and retention, SMS text messaging is a great place to start.

Our SMS messaging system enables you to:

  • Send SMS messages easily from a PC
  • Keep in constant contact with your customers
  • Share text messaging conversation with your whole team
  • Send appointment reminders and allow your customer to reschedule appointments quickly
  • Manage engineers, salespeople, and drivers efficiently when they are on the road
  • Integrate your business processes so that you send an SMS message each time an item is despatched for example
  • Notify your customers of upcoming events
  • Inform customers of forthcoming and overdue payments
  • Deliver essential messages instantly
  • Engage in a conversation with a customer in a similar fashion to email

A single incoming number is critical so that your customers have one point of contact. Your staff each send out messages from their PC with all replies coming back to a central number.

You have several cost-effective choices for an incoming number with SyncSMS but you can start with all your staff sending out messages with SyncSMS and receiving messages to a single number on a mobile handset.

Click here get started with your SMS messaging. Email or call us on 0845 3010 444 if you would like us to help you address requirements specific to your business.

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