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Companies House Open Data

Our Credit Scorecard utilises information from Companies House to provide reliable inexpensive credit scorecard reports from electronic information filed at Companies House. Companies House are at the forefront of the Open Data movement and supply basic information on over 3 million companies active in the UK for free. We use this on our search pages and on our gazetteer of UK Companies that you can find at

All companies file information electronically and an international standard known as XBRL is used to provide machine-readable company accounts. Companies House has gone one step further and embedded the information inside a human readable HTML file known as IXBRL which is available again as a free data product for around 65% of UK Companies. We have analysed over 1.8 million of these documents to make our standard credit scorecard report available to you at low cost. You can logon for free to view some sample reports which contain full accounting information as well as details of directors and mortgages.

Sometimes the XBRL information is not available for a company and  we rely on an external data provider to give us accounting information on these businesses to provide our full credit scorecard report at extra cost. This report also has supplemental information for UK companies including CCJs, group structure, and payment history. You should use these full reports if you are concerned about the credit worthiness of the company.

International credit scorecard reports are also available from at very competitive rates using the same methodology we apply to creating all our credit scores. Currently we support many European countries as well as the USA although the data quality does vary from country to country. XBRL is an international standard and is well developed in some European countries notably Spain and also in the USA, Singapore and so forth and we hope to bring you more information directly from the relevant register in due course.

Occasionally only printed management accounts may be available for a company with up to date information or you may need to credit check a company where there is no electronic information available. Our credit score is also available for manually entered accounts once you log on to our website at You enter as much financial information as you have available for the company and we produce a free credit scorecard for you dependent on the industry classification and the financial data.

As recently as June 2015 Companies House opened up a new API which allows totally free downloads of all company documents (these are all in PDF format not IXBRL) where previously these cost £1 to download. You can take advantage of these free document downloads from the companies house website or if you log in to your account at where all companies house document downloads are free.


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