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1.            Objectives

This Handbook aims to cover all the features required to implement client-server database applications using Visual FoxPro as the front end. It is designed as a reference text for experienced programmers and should be used in conjunction with the FoxPro programmers' manual.

An experienced programmer with access to a client-server database should a few days to work through the handbook and discover the implementation tricks and traps of client-server development.

After reading this handbook you will have the knowledge to:

·                  Configure and optimise shared connections with the database server.

·                  Create and optimise remote parameterised views.

·                  Execute SQL pass through onto the database server both synchronously and asynchronously.

·                  Upsize and modify database definitions on the server from FoxPro.

·                  Design and optimise a client-server application.

This book was originally written for Visual FoxPro 6.0 and has been updated and tested fully with Visual FoxPro 7.0. The CursorAdapter class that is new with Visual FoxPro 8.0 is described in detail and some guidelines provided to help you chose which of the various FoxPro technologies are relevant to your client server project.

All examples except for the CursorAdapter classes will work with Visual FoxPro 6.0 and 7.0.

The second and third edition of the Handbook does not cover aspects specific to server-side database issues. All sections are relevant whatever back end database you are using. Please note that we advise you to load up enough test data to stress test your application during the development phase as the performance aspects of client-server are very different from native FoxPro databases.

REDWARE also publishes the SQL Server Handbook covering all the essential aspects of implementing a database with Microsoft SQL Server.

Please feed back any comments on the text of the book especially if there are any important points or topics that you feel are missing from the book or any errors you have uncovered. You may contact the author by email on

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