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Form and Data Environment Properties

7.            Form and Data Environment Properties

A form is created for a remote view in exactly the same manner as a standard form except that the Views radio button must be selected in order to select the view when adding a table into the Data Environment.

Adding a View into the Data Environment

The table buffering on the view is automatically set to optimistic row buffering so that the data is saved onto the server automatically each time the record pointer is moved.

·                  The BUFFERMODE Form property may be used to specify OPTIMISTIC buffering which will default to Table Level buffering for each table.

·                  The BUFFERMODEOVERRIDE property may be set in each cursor in the data environment to specify specific buffering mode for each type.

SET MULTILOCKS ON is required for table level data buffering. This should be set into forms with Private Data sessions.

There are no differences between using a remote view and using a local view or indeed a native FoxPro table. The table buffering commands should be used to control the updates onto the server  however and account needs to be taken of errors being returned from the server.

Add and delete functionality can be implemented once record buffering is employed on a form. Appending records, in particular, can be problematical when using APPEND BLANK combined with unique indexes defined in the database container unless record buffering is employed.


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