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Consultancy Services

redware offers high level consultancy to advise you on a strategy to integrate your existing systems with the requirements of your business. This can be combined with installation of our software products where relevant to open access to some of your applications instantly. For example,.we can install web applications to provide access to Sage, ACT!, GOldmine and Microsoft CRM data to all your staff.

We offer expert database consultancy and programming for Microsoft CRM and Sage Line 50 or ACT! integration using a variety of Microsoft and Open Source technology including SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Visual FoxPro, and Java, and Apache Tomcat.

Our expertise includes:

  • Database consultancy, implementation, and mentoring.
  • Microsoft CRM analysis, customisation, and programming.
  • Sage and ACT! programming and integration.
  • Web application development with ASP.NET.
  • Windows application development with C#, Access or Foxpro.
  • Open source web database applications with MySQL and Apache Tomcat.

We have pre-built applications that can be customised to your requirements for:

  • Billing systems and customer portals for processing any number of invoices with integration to your accounting package.
  • Telecommunications billing including voice, VOIP, and BT Openreach billing.
  • Customised web analytics including campaign management.

We provide solutions, consultancy, programming effort, and mentoring world-wide and can manage a project through the complete lifecycle from requirements through to design and implementation including programmer training and project management.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your needs. You can also obtain the curriculum vitae of Stamati Crook here [pdf] [doc]. More detail on our areas of expertise follows.

Microsoft CRM

redware has gained considerable experience in customising Microsoft CRM in a variety of environments. We offer an analysis service to specify your CRM requirements and map them onto the functionality available within CRM as well as a full customisation and custom programming service. We have off-the-peg solutions for integrating Sage Line 50 and TAPI telephony with MC CRM 3.0.

Sage Line 50

redware are registered Sage developers and can integrate Sage Line 50 or ACT! data with your existing business systems. We offer SYNC Accounting to integrate Sage Line 50 or Sage Instant Accounts with an intranet website for all your staff to access and SYNC Billing for automatically entering invoices into Sage from your existing systems.

Database Consultancy

redware specializes in large scale client server database implementations using Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Our billing experience allows us to build industrial quality systems for processing large amounts of data accessed by a front-end Windows application or via a web server.

Application Development

redware builds client-server database applications that run on the Windows desktop using Microsoft development tools including C#, Visual FoxPro, Access, and Office VBA.

Open Source Web Applications

redware has implemented open source web solutions for both Windows and Linux using the Apache web server in combination with Java Servlets on Apache Tomcat. We also advise on the implementation of standard LAMP web applications to provide a portal for your business. Our supported software currently includes the mambo content management system and portal, the phpbb bulletin board, and the oscommerce shopping cart application.

Business Integration

redware has many years experience working with all kinds of business organisations to integrate their internal databases. We can build interfaces to accounting (Sage, Quickbooks, Pegasus) and sales solutions (Act!, Goldmine) as well as bespoke databases. Another specialty is the extraction of data from disparate systems into a management database for reporting, data mining, and business intelligence purposes.

Billing Solutions

redware offers a billing solution targeted at telephone systems dealers billing up to one million pounds monthly. A web based customer management system allows all staff to query and update customer billing details and view all bills. Billing is electronic with an interface into Sage so that the system can run with a minimum of billing management effort. The application can also be run by a telecommunications reseller as a hosted system.

Web Analytics Solutions

Our basic web analytics solution processes web traffic data into a database for further analysis. The system tracks users over subsequent visits and matches the search engine provider or customised marketing campaign information with conversions on the web site. Revenue can be tracked for each visit and sophisticated return on investment information extracted. Customised extensions to the processing or reporting modules allow precise monitoring of website performance according to your exact requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

redware is actively researching applications of artificial intelligence to the use of databases within business. We are studying the offerings of SQL Server 2005 with regards to their planned implementation of business intelligence and data mining algorithms with a special interest in the ID3/C4.5 algorithm and Kohonen self-organising maps. Our own research focuses on applications of stigmergy, genetic programming and evolutionary algorithms to data mining.

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