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Telecoms Billing Pricing

Our telecoms billing platform is a hosted service and there is no requirements for any computing infrastructure to support the system other than an internet connection and a browser to access the customer service and provisioning website.

The system integrates with Microsoft CRM and Sage 50 accounting and produces data files if you need to integrate with your own database and payment systems. Call data and other information is uploaded onto our server for processing.

Please visit and log on as user demo with password demo to try out our system and view our training videos.

Our pricing is based upon a setup fee that can vary according to the complexity of your billing requirements and a monthly support and processing fee:

  • The setup fee may involve several days of consultancy to load the initial customer and pricing data into the system and help your billing manager get through the first two months billing.
  • The monthly support and processing fee gives you access to limited support in case of billing issues.
  • Additional effort or a full management service is available at our standard consultancy rates.

Typical setup costs involve 1-3 days of consultancy to load up your initial customer and provisioning data and create the cost and retail pricelists and format the billing summary report with your company logo. Established telecoms resellers with number translation and a range of additional monthly products may require 5 days implementation time.

We undertake to assist you get through the first two billing cycles and subsequently provide a low level of support once a month in case you have issues completing the billing cycle. You can purchase additional consultancy by the day or get us to manage the billing process for you for a fee (typically one day of effort per month).

Monthly costs vary according to the number of calls billed and we keep the monthly costs low so that you can build up your business profitably from a small number of users. We try and make sure that your billing manager understands the principles of the telecoms billing cycle during the setup process so we can keep your monthly support requirements (and fees) very low.

Please call or email Stamati Crook on 0845 3010 444 to discuss your requirements and get a quotation.


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