Telecoms Billing

Telecoms Billing

Redware research ltd is a small software house based in Hove on the south coast of England. We produce a variety of business software focusing on applications that support Sage accounting and Microsoft CRM. We have considerable experience of telecoms billing solutions and our software has been used for reseller billing for the past five years.

The software has been completely revamped over the last year to cope with changes in the telecoms marketplace so you can integrate different sources of call details and produce a single bill for VOIP and traditional telephony for example.

We support BT Openreach billing so that you can take over the line rental from BT and maximise turnover and profits for your existing customer base. We have paid particular attention to the reconciliation reports so your billing manager can ensure that every item billed to you has been passed on to the customer.

Additional items can be added to any customer bill, either as a one off payment or as a regular monthly or annual support contract or equipment rental. You are able to bill all items to your customers with a single monthly bill.

Here are some of the features of our billing platform:

  • Multi-Carrier billing taking CDR from multiple sources.
  • BT Openreach Billing (and reconciliation) for quarterly rental of handsets and lines.
  • VOIP billing from a VOIP switch or from Asterisk
  • Additional one-off, monthly, or quarterly product billing.
  • Non-Geographic number billing and number translation..
  • ADSL and web hosting billing.
  • Integration with Sage Line 50.
  • Integration with Microsoft CRM.
  • Electronic billing and customer portal containing Call Summary and spreadsheet of CDR.

Bills are created electronically and emailed to customers. These documents are automatically stored alongside a spreadsheet of call details on a web server which can be made available to customers as well as customer service staff. In addition, invoices can be automatically loaded into Sage Line 50 for integration with your own payment or direct debit systems.

Our billing platform is supplied as a hosted system which you access securely over the internet. You may have any number of customer service staff accessing the system from any location. A customer portal is provided for you to integrate with your own website and you can manage your business while we handle any technical issues.

The platform can be set up to automatically retrieve call details from various sources or you can control how you feed billing data into the system. A full set of reconciliation and suspense reports is available for you to manage the monthly billing process and we actively help you during the first three months of billing as part of our setup process.

We can demonstrate the system to you online so please email or call us on 0845 3010 444 with your requirements and we can often get you started within 24 hours.

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